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Date: 25 Esfand 1332 [16 March 1954]

Number: 6053RB

Enclosure -----



Prime Minister

Mr. Asadollah Ramezani, the former principal of Khorramshahr Institute,

Your letter number 37 dated 19 Esfand 1332 [10 March 1954], again requesting to re-open the institute, was received. Sufficient response had already been provided to you in letter number 5779/B, dated 6 Esfand 1332 [25 February 1954], which you acknowledged receiving. It was not expected that you [would] continue to insist unnecessarily and waste more time with further communications, and endeavor to refute the reasons provided to you by the Ministry of Education. In your abovementioned letter, you admit to being a member of the erroneous Baha’i ideology but claim to have refrained from promoting [your belief]. However, this fails to convince this Office that the students were not misled. You must stop sending such requests, as they will not be responded to.

On behalf of the Acting Investigator at the Prime Minister Office

Hosein Ramtin