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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Resalat

[Date:] Sunday 13 Dey 1371 - 9 Rajab 1413 - 3 January 1993

[Issue No.:] 2022


Resalat Interview with Asadollah Lajevardi about the Conditions of the Country’s Prisons

Whoever spies is criminal, whether Baha’i, Jew or Muslim, regardless of the religion one follows. All are equal before the law.

...Prisoners have leave.

We asked Mr. Lajevardi about the leave conditions of the prisons and [asked] him to make a comparison between the current situation and the situation before the Revolution, when he was imprisoned. He explained, “In the Islamic Republic’s prisons, all the prisoners, in addition to their weekly visits, also have personal and private visits. Their families can even stay with them in the pre-assigned suitable places outside the prison cells. At the time of the shah, no one could step out of the prison; even thinking about it was impossible.

…No one is persecuted because of [having] the Baha’i ideology.

We asked the head of the organization about the impartial report of Galindo Pohl regarding the assassination of the Baha’is because of their Baha’i belief, and the small groupings because of trafficking.  He reminded us that, “The Islamic Republic is not against anyone’s ideology [belief].

Believing in Baha’ism is not a crime.

But crimes committed by Baha’is are considered crimes, the same way that crimes committed by a Muslim, Christian or Jew are considered crimes. Followers of any religious belief, whether right or wrong, can be criminals.

On the other [hand], no one is permitted to commit crime; [we cannot] say that, as he is a Baha’i or Jew, if he were to kill someone [he is above the law] and we should not touch him.

All are equal before the law. Should someone spy, he or she is a criminal, whether Baha’i or Jew or Muslim.  Should we ignore this crime because the concerned party is a Baha’i or a Jew?

Galindo Pohl goes with the flow. One time, he reports in this manner, and at another time, he reports differently. Whatever he says is not worth a dime, and the same goes for the traffickers.