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In the Name of God

Date: 11 Azar 1389 [2 December 2010]

To Honourable Chief of Kerman’s Provincial Security Council,

We, the undersigned Iraj Payandeh, Mahboub Bandi, Siavosh Rowshangar, Majid Payandeh, Ali Shaker, and Ali Emadi, who are residents of Rafsanjan, with the following address [redacted], would like to respectfully, and while expressing our courtesy, inform you that we are honoured that with our occupation of repair and sale of home appliances, we have served the people of Rafsanjan with our labour to the best of our ability. Some time ago, at night, when our shops were closed, unknown individuals set fire to our business premises, by using inflammable liquids. It should be noted that some of these business premises were set on fire in two stages an during this incident; extensive damage was done to the properties inside the shops as well as the goods [equipment] that belonged to the  community member who had brought them for repair.

Considering the similarity of these acts, and the fact that we all belong to the minority religious group of Baha’is, we have no doubt that these acts were carried out for that reason. We do not feel that our lives, finances and businesses are secure. Considering that we are the citizenship of the Islamic Republic of Iran and in accordance with the laws of civil rights, we request an order for our protection.


Copy: To the esteemed governor of Rafsanjan for further action

Copy: To the headquarters of the police force in Rafsanjan for information and establishment of security

For the information of the Office of Public Properties

Copy: To the esteemed Rafsanjan City Council

Copy: To the honourable mayor


Iraj Payandeh

Mahboub Bandi

Siavosh Rowshangar

Majid Payandeh

Ali Shaker

Ali Emadi