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Date: 21 Aban [1329] [12 November 1950]

Number: 8873

Enclosure: -----



Ministry of the Interior

Bureau: Intelligence [Information]


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[Intelligence] Bureau


Telegraphic report from the Governor’s Office of Isfahan, dated 15 Aban 1329 [6 November 1950], is printed below:

Today at 3:00 in the afternoon, a report was sent by telegram to Boroujen, which says, “As a result of the dispute between Muslims and Baha’is, the Baha’i assembly was set on fire. If the auxiliary forces had not arrived, there would have been grave consequences.” The governor of Shahrekord was ordered, by telegram, to go personally to Boroujen and try to bring an end to the riot. Also, the gendarmerie regiment was ordered to send auxiliary forces to restore order. A number of soldiers and an officer will be dispatched on behalf of the Army to maintain control. A report will be sent later.

On behalf of the Governor [signature]

On behalf of the head of the Intelligence and Statistics Bureau [signature]


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N/15850 – 21 Aban [1329] [12 November 150]


[Stamp – Archived at the Law Enforcement Department]