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Ministry of the Interior

Governorate of Kashan

[Date] 26 Tir 1324 [17 July 1945]

[Number] 5521


Office of the Governorate of Kashan,


Regarding your letter number 1690 – 24 Tir 1324 [15 July 1945], as has been reported under number 5419 – 26 Tir 1324 [17 July 1945], the aforementioned sergeant was dispatched by his battalion as an investigator. He has arrested and brought a number of people to Kashan and has requested their prosecution and banishment from Araan Village.

In conclusion, and for your information, I would remind you that the rectification of the situation does not provide that the perpetrators and the matter should not be prosecuted; because the file has been referred to the court and has been reported to the responsible authorities, it is possible that another order will be issued for further investigation of this matter.  Therefore, we request that if this matter has to be abandoned altogether for political reasons, [you will] kindly arrange for the written order to be sent to our office to be implemented.


Commander of the Gendarmerie of Kashan

First Lieutenant Shahrabi


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