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In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

Land Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran (NZAJA)



Number: [illegible] 7/5/105/12

Date: [illegible]

Enclosure: ---


[From:] Deputy Personnel of (NZAJA) (Management of Personnel Office – Martyrs Affairs Office)

[To:] Deputy Personnel (Management of Personnel - Regulations]

[Subject:] Conscript Martyr Farhang Shahbahrami, son of Ardeshir


“I recommend to the students and to the committed enlightened class of the society not to let the books of this valuable master be forgotten with un-Islamic intrigues.” (Imam Khomeini)

  1. According to the notice of Brigade 8 of  the Armoured Division, on 7 Shahrivar 1361 [29 August 1982], the above-mentioned soldier attained the lofty station of martyrdom during the clashes with Iraqi Zionist mercenaries on the western front of the country, as a result of being hit by a grenade quiver. The case was approved by the High Council for Determining Death Cases [ABUJA] and it is registered in the files.
  2. Since the mentioned soldier was a native of Kerman and is being buried there, Training Centre 5 [of Kerman], through its communication number 701/1/9 of 10 Aban 1361 [1 November 1982] (photocopy attached), has announced that the mentioned [martyr] was a follower of the Baha’i belief. To ascertain his belief, an inquiry was made of his father. He confessed that he and his son believed in the Baha’i [Faith]. The matter was communicated to the Martyrs’ Foundation of the City, in order to verify the situation of his martyrdom. According to the communication of the Martyrs’ Foundation and the approval of the Friday imam, the mentioned soldier cannot be considered as a martyr, and it is for this reason that he has been buried in the Baha’i cemetery of that city. The aforementioned foundation has requested that the manner in which his family should be treated be clarified.
  3. Now, by referring to the [above] points 1 and 2 and the letter submitted from the [Training] Centre 5 of Kerman and the approved Act of 29 Aban [illegible] [20 November] of the Supreme Revolutionary Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran, please decide and indicate whether or not the payment of the amount of two million rials, as [compensation for] the loss of life and loss of material possessions, as well as other benefits to the family of this constable would be objectionable, so that the necessary actions can be taken, an appropriate response can be submitted to his family and other relevant issues can be communicated to his family% A.


Deputy Personnel of the Land Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran (NZAJA)

Colonel Mahmoud Riyahi

[Signature] [Illegible]



  1. For information of the management of NZAJA, attached with the photocopy of the letter submitted from Central Training [Centre] 5 of Kerman. Also [illegible], by referring to the contents of this letter, please indicate the opinion of the management regarding the way the heirs and the pension-receivers of the mentioned soldier [illegible] should be treated, according to the holy religion of Islam, in order to take the necessary steps in this regard.
  2. For information of the commander of Training Centre 5 of Kerman, in response to letter number 701/1/9 of 10 Aban 1361 [1 November 1982].


[Departmental Stamp]