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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Aram

[Date:] 25 Tir 1337 [16 July 1958]

[Issue No.:] 69


Summoning the Director of Electricity Board of Shiraz

According to the reports received from Shiraz, Colonel Sharafeh has been summoned to appear in Shiraz by Mr. Zarafshan, the public prosecutor of the criminal court in charge of investigating the illegal proceedings and misuses that have taken place during the time of his authority as deputy. Due to the illegal proceedings reported to the Fars Office of Prosecution by people, the engineer Mr. Habibollah Khamsi, son of Mr. Baqerov, who identifies himself amongst Baha’i leaders, has also been summoned.

Engineer Mr. Khamsi is among those who, during the war, in collaboration with the Dehghan brothers, Arian and Haj Mohammad Hassan Behbahani, was involved in the said misuses which took place in Fars factories. Engineer Mr. Khamsi is the Dehghans’ son-in-law, and in spite of [the availability of] hundreds of unemployed, educated young engineers and doctors, for years he has been paid large amounts of [money], contrary to fairness and at the expense of the poor [and suffering] workers and widows of Shiraz. He is playing sports in the sporting fields all day long instead of [doing] useful jobs that would benefit people, and he would even look down at the widows and workers from whose handiwork his wages are earned.

We are now happy and pleased that a pure-hearted and enlightened young man [probably Zarafshan], without being influenced by anyone, has brought this volleyball player/engineer to prosecution. What we hear is that enough evidence has been submitted for documentation of the said crimes. So, it is likely that until the completion of the investigations, Mr. Khamsi will be detained by the prosecutor of the criminal court. According to the information our town correspondent has obtained, the president of City Council has sent a telegram, the contents of which are not known to us. What is certain is that Mr. Ali Mohammad Dehghan and Arian are running around in Tehran hoping to gather means that may be able to prevent Mr. Khamsi, the director of the Shiraz Board of Electricity, from being prosecuted.