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Book number: ------



Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone



From: Sangsar

To: T [Tehran]

Receipt number: [196]

Telegram number: 7

Number of words: 28

Date of original: 5

Remarks: ------

Date received: 6 Mordad [1316] [28 July 1937]

Name of recipient: ------


The Prime Minister, copy to the Police Department. 

Pursuant to the telegram of 30 Tir [1316] [21 July 1937], it has been ten days since the police department of Sangsar arrested my daughter, Parvin, without cause. The condition of her children is in disarray. I request an investigation.

Goldaneh Parvin [Stamp]


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[Stamp: Arrival at the Cabinet of the Prime Minister]

Dated: 7 Mordad 1316 [29 July 1937] - Number: 6881