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All Arise Together - Jihad-i-Sazandegi

State Forests and Rangelands Organization

In the Name of God

Number: 55188/100/32

Date: 1/4/1370 [22 June 1991]

Enclosure -----


Department for Salaried and Pensioned Employees, National Retirement Office

In accordance with the ruling of the former Commission for the Purging and Purification of the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Jafar Haeri, owing to his membership in Baha’i sect  and in accordance with verdict number 4384 - [date:]19/3/1360 [9 June 1981], has been terminated from employment.  In his request dated 4/3/1370 [25 May 1991], he has appealed for the reinstatement of his retirement benefits.  We are therefore forwarding to you a complete photocopy of his employment history, with our request for your advice concerning what action it would be proper to take regarding his retirement benefits.

Khosrow Bandarian

Supervisor for the Department of Personnel