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[Personal information has been redacted.]


The Esteemed Public Prosecutor of Zahedan


I respectfully convey that I am Mohamad-Ali Safari, the gardener and caretaker of the Baha’i Centre of Zahedan, which belongs to the Omana Company and was recently confiscated under order of the Public Prosecutor. The authorities regularly cause trouble for me. Therefore, in light of the statements below, kindly instruct [them] to stop the harassment.


I was the caretaker and gardener in this place for 35 years, which used to be barren land. As part of my remuneration, which was paid by the Omana Company, they built an 80-square metre three-bedroom house and in lieu of rest of my salary, the company allowed me to earn from floriculture [that I undertook] in a corner of that land. However, unfortunately, today some of the young officers of your office came and told me that we will throw out your furniture and belongings. Do you, as a prosecutor and an upholder of justice for the people think that I, an old man in my 70s with no savings and with 5 dependents, deserve this?  Please decide and do not allow the rights of humans to be trampled upon at the time of the radiance of the Islamic Justice.


With respect Mohamad-Ali Safari


26/06/58 [17 September 1979]