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[Date] 7 Esfand 1361 [26 February 1983]


In the Name of God


Honourable Head of the State Inspectorate Organization,


With utmost respect, I Kayhan Atefi, son of Ezatollah [Ezzat] Atefi, convey that I have [recently] been sending several petitions to various authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran [regarding] wrongdoings imposed on my family and that of my paternal uncle, Bahman Atefi. Unfortunately, to this day, none of the authorities have responded to the call for justice by these oppressed ones, who have become the targets of evil doings of a group of fooled and unaware countrymen.  Therefore, I will briefly report our grievances to you one more time.


On 15 Tir 1361 [6 July 1982], a group of men attacked the homes of my father and uncle; and after vindictive and frightening behaviour in our homes, they took my father and uncle, very forcefully, out of the house, heading toward the mosque. But realizing they were not willing to give up their Baha’i beliefs, they took them instead to Daran, capital of Freidan, to make them change their beliefs under harsh conditions. However, because they did not recant, after fifty-seven days of being imprisoned and severely tortured on 2 Shahrivar 1361 [24 August 1982], my father and uncle were, in the most inhumane way possible, executed. Their mutilated bodies were wrapped in a plastic bag, according to the testimony of the observers. Such behaviour is contrary to human morals and Islamic ethics.


Those who carried the corpses prevented us from performing our religious rites and tried to handle the bodies in such a way as to further torture the relatives emotionally. Observing such harsh and devastating treatment, our families were frightened [for their lives] and [we] had to leave our homes and become wanderers between cities.  Now we have received the news that the homes of both our families have been looted and the rest of our propertiesthe results o] my father’s and uncle’s savings and a lifetime’s hard work in agriculturehave been confiscated by the authorities, with their disposal to be decided at a later date.  Our safety is not guaranteed if we return to our homes, because we know of several groups of our friends who were in the same situation as ours, who were thrown out of their own homes.


Now that the historic and fateful decree of the great Imam has brought the light of hope to our hearts, I find it necessary to bring the matter to you as a devotee of truth and justice, so that you may investigate our plight and issue your decision for the perpetrators of my father’s and uncle’s execution to be legally pursued, and our homes and belongings in Afoos to be returned to us.


With much respect,

Kayhan Atefi

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