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Department: Political

Area: ------

Date: 18 Tir 1319 [9 July 1940]

Number: 26077/16887

Subject: ------

Attachment: ------



Ministry of the Interior

National Police Headquarters

Confidential – Direct

Mr. Prime Minister

Pursuant to letter number 3531- 1 Tir 1319 [22 June 1940] regarding the complaint by several family members of the Sangesar merchants about the arrest and exile of their husbands, we convey the following. 

On 4 Farvardin 1319 [24 March 1940], a letter was received from the military commander of the county to the effect that, despite repeated orders issued by the police department to the Baha’is there to refrain from religious demonstrations, they closed their shops on 20 Bahman 1318 [10 February 1940] and 21 Bahman 1318 [11 February 1940] in observance of the Flower Festival and did not pay any attention to the warnings by the agents.  The aforementioned commander issued an opinion that a number of their preachers must leave the area, and the relevant police department investigated the background and situation of those Baha’i preachers. 

The contents of the subsequent report by the military commander were confirmed and it was revealed that a number of Baha’is of Sangsar had closed their shops on 20 Bahman 1318 [10 February 1940] and 21 Bahman 1318 [11 February 1940] on the occasion of the Flower Festival, which is the day of the passing of (Hosein-Ali) the preacher of the Baha’is [sic]. The matter was brought up in the presence of His Majesty the Shah by the Military Command, and the shah’s order was issued as follows: (“They should be given the necessary reminders and be ordered to stop this behaviour. And if they repeat it in the future, then they should be exiled.”). According to the order issued by His Majesty the Shah, the necessary information was given to the relevant police department.


According to the report by the Semnan Police Department, despite having given the necessary reminders to the Sangesar Baha’is and getting their acknowledgement, on 22 Khordad 1319 [12 June 1940] nine of the merchants residing there (Ziaollah Momtazi, Abbas Golestani, Abbas Mohajer, Ma‘sum Saghaie, Seyyed Ali-Mohammad Laghaie, Esmael Sajedi, Bagher Ali, Mohammad Ebrahim Kheirani) closed their shops in observance of the anniversary of the Declaration of (Mohammad Ali the Bab) (sic) and did not pay attention to the warnings of the agents. Accordingly, the blessed order [given] by the shah was carried out, and with the agreement of the military commander of Sangesar, the aforementioned individuals were exiled to other localities.


Chief of National Police Headquarters – Lieutenant Mokhtar



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[Stamp of receiving the letter] Number: 441 – Date: 1 Tir 1319 [22 June 1940]