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Blessed threshold of His Honour Ayatollah Dastgheib,

May God support you eternally


After my greetings and renewing my devotions, I would like to submit that I had written a letter to you, which referred to pleading for justice for Ghodsiyyeh Vahdat and Enayatollah Mehdizadeh, who are both ill and need medical attention; nevertheless, Mr. Boroujerdi has not paid any attention and with asperity and roughness has kept them in jail within that condition, while they are ready to offer any guarantee he would ask for, until after recuperation their situation could go under investigation. Such unorthodox actions cause doubt about Islamic justice, and every day people become more dissatisfied; with all the promises of the Imam to people about reviving the Islamic justice, there is not the slightest attention [paid] to restoring the rights of the deserving. Please, in this case, have the Islamic principles applied.





Mohammad Eshraghi