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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[The Emblem]

The Ministry of Justice

The Legal Department

Date:  25 Mehr 1321 [17 October 1942]

Number M5219,


Mrs. Sultan Ghadirzadeh,


In response to the letter you submitted to the Prime Minister’s Office, which was then sent to the Ministry of Justice, regarding the criminal conviction of your husband, Habibollah Rouhanian and your petition for his pardon, we wish to inform you that [further] information about the situation has been requested from the Office of Public Prosecutor in Kerman.  Subsequent to receiving their response and discussing the matter with the ‘Commission for Pardoning the Convicted Criminals’, an appropriate course of action will be taken, should the Court order provide that the aforementioned individual deserves forgiveness.


The Chief of the Legal Department


The copy of the above letter and the petitioning letter, which was provided in response to the letter number 15293 – of 5 Mehr 1321[27 September 1942], is submitted for the attention of the Prime Minister’s Office


The Director of the Legal Department [Signature, Dr. Abdol-Hosein Aliabadi]


[Handwritten Note] [The registration stamp to the Office of Prime Minister, Number 16982,


Dated 25 Mehr 1321 [17 October 1942]