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20 Sha’ban 1363 [10 Mordad 1323] [1 August 1944]


Peace be upon you, and God’s mercy and blessings

I am submitting herewith the following [information] for the attention of your holy and exalted presence.  Certainly you have heard about the incident of Shahroud. In order to, firstly, inform your illumined self and, secondly, God forbid, [avoid] implications [that might] make the matter more complicated for you…., I need to briefly explain what happened.

The story is like this: [For some time], the Baha’is of this area have been busy with excessive advertising and propaganda, to the point where they have confronted the people and have threatened them. They have not stopped at this; they have openly criticized the religious authorities and insulted the higher officials. [Then] they wrote to some of their fellow believers in Sangsar to come to Shahroud with their guns. Every day, they threatened the people, and by every action caused corruption and sedition, until such time as ‘Nimeh Sha’ban’ [the Islamic Feast] and the lighting ceremony for the birth of His Holiness, the Promised Imam, may God expedite His appearance, was approaching.

Out of fear that, God forbid, havoc and conflict would occur amongst the Muslims who were performing their religious duties, the government officials met at a Council session, consisting of the heads of all the government departments, high city officials and the clerics. After the consultation, they unanimously voted that a few of their elders, who, in reality, are their supporters, were to leave the town, so that no crisis would be created. Consequently, the governor of the town told them to leave town. They paid no attention, and some of them hid in their homes for two days. Meanwhile, they have been busy creating their own conspiracy, and they sought help from Sangsar.

The ‘Nimeh Sha’ban’ passed, and we were all happy that, thank God, nothing bad had happened, but little did we know that they were busy with their work behind closed doors.  On the morning of Tuesday, 18 Sha’ban [8 August 1944], some of the gentlemen appeared in the bazaar with a few people from Sangsar and started insulting and swearing at the Muslims and beating up some of the kids.  At this time, some of the bazaaris started talking and saying [things like] “Why are you swearing?”  They attacked them with sticks and injured three people; one of them is now fighting death. At this time, they started using firearms. They shot a few bullets at people, until their wickedness became too much. At this point, people became overwhelmed and started attacking them to defend themselves. Some of them [the Baha’is] were killed and the rest ran away, until finally, the police calmed everything down with a lot of effort.

This is a brief description of what happened, and God knows what will happen later in those towns.  This submission is made for your knowledge.  Of course, your holy and sacred being will have to do your utmost, serious best so that nothing will happen that would insult Islam and the Muslims more than it already has, because it is obvious that the gentlemen will use any excuse, and the people are now living with fear and anxiety about what will happen. Given the current situation, and with the power of bribery, what will happen next?  The wise choice is now yours. 

I convey my greetings to the presence of Mr. Roknol Eslam and Hojjatol Eslam. Mr. Agha Shaykh Baha’eddin and I had briefly discussed the matter with him in Shahroud as he was about to leave.  No doubt he has mentioned it to you.

May peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.  May your days of glory last forever.


This is the most lowly one, known as the Agha Bozorg