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[Personal information has been redacted.]


10/11/1321 [30 January 1943]


Dear Mr. Farrokh, Minister of Food,


When conditions in Kermanshah were normal, Mr. Rokni was not able to handle the economy and was summoned back to headquarters following the scandals and disgrace that he had created.  Now that he is once again dispatched to Kermanshah by that ministry, certainly it could not have been for his loyalty and obedience to you, but it was because of his plans to marry an 18-year-old girl, to whom he got married upon arrival.  Furthermore, he has filled his administration positions with the Baha’is listed below:

Mr. Modaraie, Baha’i, director of cotton [factory], who avoids settling his accounts for the loans he gave the public in the previous years.  He is now being considered as Mr. Rokni’s deputy.  This is stated in Mr. Rokni’s reports, number 13702 dated 25/8/1321 [16 November 1942] and number 14823 dated 12/9/1321 [3 December 1942].  Please review them.

Mr. Nazemi, Baha’i, director of Human Resources [Department]

Mr. Rahmani, Baha’i, director of Investigation [Department]

Mr. Mohajer, Baha’i, director of Accounting [Department]

Mr. Farzaneh, Baha’i, director of Supplies [Department]


[There are also] a few others who are either Baha’is or others who have beautiful wives!  This behaviour does not help the religious environment in Kermanshah or the food supply, which is leading towards revolution at any moment now.  The policy of favouring Baha’is over other employees and local inhabitants will not have a good ending.  The administrative inspectors of [the Ministry of] Food are currently here in Kermanshah.  Please instruct them to verify the validity of my claim and to report back to you.

The above report will be conveyed to Office of the Prime Minister for information.


Kermanshah Food Supply Chain employee


[Margin:] To forward to Mr. Ashtari, director of inspections at the Office of the Prime Minister -10/10/1321 [31 December 1944], [signature, Nakhaei (illegible)]