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The Judiciary

Court of Administrative Justice


In the Name of God

Petition form

To be referred to Branch -----

Signature of the Chief Justice of Court ------

Registration Number and Date ---------

Sub Number -----

Past records in Branch -----

Details of the appellant: Name and Surname: Anisa Fanaian

Father’s Name: Soheil

Occupation: Student

Place of Residence: Karaj – [Address] [redacted]

Attorney for the Appellant: -----

Appellee: National Higher Educational Assessment and Evaluation Organization

Subject of Grievance and Claim: Rectifying denial of education and requesting the result of National University Entrance Examination

Attachments and Documentary Exhibits -----

Statement, Reasoning and Proofs:

Peace be upon you

It is respectfully submitted that:

I participated in the National University Entrance Examination, and after fulfilling all the legal requirements, I waited for my results. When the examination results were released, I was told to go to the Educational Assessment and Evaluation Organization, situated in Meshkindasht, Karaj. After approaching the suggested authorities, I was denied a clear and explicit response in [that they failed] to provide me with my National Examination results. Finally, it was determined that I was denied education for having specific religious beliefs and for stipulating it in my documents. Taking into account that I am an Iranian, citizen of the Islamic Republic of Iran, living in this Islamic nation like my other compatriots, the issuance of the order and the decree of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution denying tertiary education to Baha’i students, is not only against the scientific statute laws of the country but also against a section of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic, which I will refer to below. In addition, Iran has accepted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is committed to the enforcement of this world treaty. Moreover, on 11 Farvardin 1358 [31 March 1979], the great revolutionary leader said that national laws apply to all sectors of society and everyone’s rights would be preserved.

Considering that it is stated in section 9 of Article 3 of the constitution that “The elimination of all unjust forms of discrimination and the creation of just opportunities for everyone, in all spiritual and material areas” is essential, and in Articles 19 and 20 of the constitution it is specified that all the people of Iran are equally protected by the law, the denial of my education is strictly against the Islamic Republic’s constitution.

 I ask you to carry out investigations in respect to this unjust judgement and decree, which is against the constitution, and take steps to adjudicate the infringement of my rights.

I am sincerely grateful for your fair consideration of this letter and for taking the time [to consider] this matter.



Anisa Fanaian