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[Adapted from website:] Portal Anhar

[Date:] 30 Ordibehesht 1393 [20 May 2014]


Portal Anhar

The Grand Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani


Question 767- [Regarding] a person who, while preparing a contract to sell an apartment unit to a person, [and] after receiving a part of the transaction price, realizes that the buyer is a member of the perverse Baha’i sect:

First: Under Sharia law, is the transaction between them legally invalid or not?

Second: Will the seller be legally obliged to transfer his property to the buyer or not?

A 1- No, the transaction is not void, but later, avoid any transaction that will confirm and strengthen them.

A 2- With the correctness of the transaction, the property is transferred to the buyer and the transfer of the document must be done according to the terms and conditions.