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The Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Health

District of Kashan Health Office


In the Name of God

Mr. Aminollah Amini

As per the information received, you are affiliated with the perverse Baha’i sect; therefore, in order to clarify this situation and for precise investigation, information with regards to your religious belief is needed.  It is appropriate to attend the Health Office of Kashan precisely at 11:00 in the morning of Monday 12 Bahman 1359 [1 February 1981].  It is evident that failing to attend and submit the requested information would confirm your affiliation with the mentioned sect and you will be dealt with in accordance with Article 14 of the National Employment Act and/or Article 6 of the Employment Welfare and Social Security Regulations.

Dr. Ali Shabihkhani

Head of Health services of Kashan


29 Dey 1359 [19 January 1981]