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Date of the Execution of the Judgment:

In the Name of God

Date of issuance of the judgement: [illegible]

Number 356


The Preliminary Commission for the Reconstruction of Human Resources of the Ministry of Education in Kerman was formed to investigate the accusatory file of Mr. Amanollah Sayyah—son of Siyyid Mohammad, [with] birth certificate number [redacted], date of birth [redacted], date of employment 1345 [1966/67], latest position high school teacher, the last academic degree bachelor of science in chemistry, in group [6] grade 9, and place of service Jiroft, and staff number [redacted]was formed with the presence of three permanent and two temporary members on Monday, 20 Dey 1361 [10 January 1983] at the office of the commission. Subsequent to the deliberations, the following was [decided - illegible]:

Procedure Synopsis:

The file of the above-mentioned individual has been referred to this Commission on charges of “affiliation with the perverse Baha’i sect”. He was asked to defend himself. He confessed to his Baha’i beliefs, and therefore his file is currently under investigation.

Type of Accusation and Recriminatory Documents:

According to letter 8448/2, dated 18 Aban 1361 [30 October 1982], from the Department of Education in Jiroft, he has made it clear at the bottom of his letter—that he will not recant his faith by accepting any undertaking. The report [illegible] from the Department of Education of Jiroft to Kerman, dated 16 Azar 1361 [7 October 1982] proves this point [allegation].

Decision of the Commission:

The Commission, subsequent to the study of records, hearing the explanation of informed individuals, and the deference of the accused—who has clearly [confessed] to being a Baha’i since the time of his employment at the Department of Education and has explained that he was born a Baha’i [illegible], and [said,] “I am certain that I have been a Baha’i with the complete knowledge [illegible]”—according to section 1 of Article 19 of the Reconstruction Act, section 8 of Article 29 and section 11 of Article 20, unanimously votes for the dismissal of the mentioned individual from government service and its affiliated institutions or departments. Moreover, according to the implications of Article [illegible] of the Public Services Employment Act (as his employment has not been legal), his retirement [pension] will not be payable.

The above decision, according to Article 47 of the Reconstruction Act of the Commission on Human Resources, will be appealable within 15 days from the date of its notification.

Should you not request the mentioned Commission to investigate within the provided legal timeframe, the Commission’s decision will be enforceable.


The Secretary of the Commission [illegible]

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