[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Respectfully, [we report that] at 10:00 a.m. on 4 Mehr 1373 [26 September 1994], according to letter number 7151/68 – 3 Mehr 1373 [25 September 1994], of the esteemed judgement enforcement assistant of the Office of the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution of Isfahan, we went to evacuate the home of convicted Dr. Amanollah Misaghi, which is in the hands of his daughter Sholeh Misaghi. Since nobody was in the home when we knocked, we had to have the door opened by the Shafie Locksmith’s key, with the help of Hasan Shafie. The locksmith is located at Nazar Three-way. We entered, and in the presence of Mr. Touraj Mirshamshirgaran, the representative of the Organization for Collection and Sale of State-owned Properties of Isfahan Province, took inventory of the contents which is as follows:

  1. Mashhad Cooler gas heater, one unit
  2. Blender, one unit
  3. Fruit-juicer, one unit
  4. National [brand] electric vacuum cleaner
  5. Family photo frames, five
  6. Pepsi cola box with empty bottles, one
  7. Coleman watercooler, one
  8. Food thermos (flask), one
  9. Telephones, four units
  10. Rice-cookers, two
  11. Picnic gas tanks, two
  12. Two rice bags, approximately sixty kilos
  13. Two single spring beds
  14. Wooden chairs, four
  15. Black wire chairs, four
  16. Electric heaters, one unit
  17. National [brand] record player, one unit
  18.  [Illegible]
  19. Phillips projector, one unit
  20. Wall clocks, two
  21. Sofas, two
  22. Small tables, five
  23. Three-blade Russian [electric razor], one
  24. Several family photos and photo albums
  25. Books, approximately fifty
  26. Hairdryers, two units
  27. Old Musical brand radio, one unit
  28. One small box of dentistry tools
  29. 2,260 tomans in cash
  30. Six cassette tapes
  31. Three video tapes
  32. Violin, one unit
  33. Gold: one half-Phalavi coin and one quarter-Bahar-e Azadi coin
  34. One Seiko men’s watch
  35. Two rolls of 4000-Niroll fabric
  36. Wall clock, one
  37. One wooden double bed with mattress
  38. One vanity table
  39. Four rugs: 2.5x3.5, 3.5x4.5, 3x4, and 2.5x3.5
  40. Two suitcases filled with clothes
  41. 20-inch black and white television with a small wooden table, one unit
  42. Full-length wall mirror, one
  43. Four small rugs, smaller than 1.5 metre
  44. Arj washing machine, one unit
  45. Hoover refrigerator, one unit
  46. Philco freezer, one unit
  47. Arj refrigerator, one six-foot unit
  48. Sholeh-Afarin gas stove with oven, one unit
  49. National [brand] radio/recorder, used, one unit
  50. Electric mixer, one unit
  51. Some kitchen dishes
  52. Guitar, one unit
  53. Medical heart monitor, one unit
  54. Electro-cardiogram with cover [illegible], one unit
  55. [Illegible]
  56. Ironing board, one unit
  57. Electric iron, used, one unit
  58. Kohler electric sewing machine, one unit
  59. Small alarm clock, one unit
  60. One Iran-gas regulator with hose
  61. Medical licence belonging to Dr. Sina Hakiman
  62. Medical office permit of Sholeh Misaghi
  63. Medical office permit of Sina Hakiman
  64. One blank signature cheque number 175021
  65. Misaghian physicians’ membership card
  66. End-of-service card of Sina Hakiman
  67. Cheque number 4604492 in the amount of 5,000,000 rials, payable to Sina Hakiman
  68. Cheque number 245179 in the amount of 3,000,000, rials payable to carrier
  69. Chequebook for account number 427681
  70. Chequebook for account number 5219
  71. Chequebook for account number 11324 Bank Sepah
  72. Chequebook for account number 11268 Bank Sepah
  73. Bank book for no-interest account number 1279
  74. Bank book for short-term deposit
  75. [Illegible]