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The Justice Administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran


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Do not follow your low desires, lest you deviate


Date: -----

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Case Reference Number: 900283K101


Judgement: 9009977422400421 - 2 Mordad 1390 [24 July 2011]

Plaintiff: Naghd-Ali Boyer

Defendant: Amanollah Davardan

Charge: Forceful Seizure of Another Person’s Property

Investigating Authority: Branch 101, Public Criminal Court of Dana City

Procedural Synopsis: This court, upon reviewing the contents of the file, announces the completion of its investigation and issues its decision as follows.


Decision of the Court

Regarding the accusation against Mr. Amanollah Davardan, son of Hosnollah, resident of Kata, that he has forcefully seized another person’s property, the complaint by Mr. Naghd-Ali Boyer explains that the headquarters for Execution of the Orders of the Imam (Rah) had, according to the attached agreement, given the ownership of the property that is the subject of the complaint over to the plaintiff. However, the defendant has forcefully seized it and does not let go of its ownership. With reliance upon the Bill of Indictment and the assignment of guilt by the prosecutor general of the revolution in Dana, and the complaint by the plaintiff and the confession by the defendant that this property is the same one that is the subject of the attached agreement and that he is refraining from surrendering it, and also with reliance upon the minutes produced by the relevant police station, the alleged violation (forceful seizure) committed by the aforementioned individual is found to be certain and well-established. With reliance upon Article 690 of the Law of Islamic Punishment, in addition to ordering him to relinquish the property, we sentence him to six months in prison under ta’zir law[1].

This verdict has been issued in person and can be appealed at the esteemed appellate courts of the K.B. province. /M



Prosecutor, Branch 101, Public Criminal Court of Dana City

[Official stamp and signature over the stamp]


5 Shahrivar 1390 [27 August 2011]




[1] [Ta‘zir (discretionary punishment):  Punishment with maximum and minimum limits determined by law and judge, respectively.]