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Office of the Prime Minister


Sadriyyeh, the representative of Shahroud, submits:

Dear Mr. Ashrafi,

I do not intend to take much of the precious time of His Excellency, the Prime Minister. Therefore I have to recount the essential matter related to the affairs of Shahroud, which I will submit through this note.

 It has become evident that the Council of Justice Administration of Shahroud, who are all from the same family, the plunderers of Semnan, are not righteous people. It is highly possible that they are behind the recent rebellions in that city.

The head of the Justice Administration, the prosecutor general and the magistrate are all closely related and are from the same family. Evidently, within the past four or five years, they have become inhabitants of Sharoud. This matter has already been brought to the attention of Mr. Mamaghani, and he had agreed that it was not sound for these people to remain in their positions forever. Yet he postponed the matter, until such time that Mr. Jamshidi returned and delivered his report. He has now returned and will certainly testify to this matter.

His Excellency the Prime Minister was previously of the opinion that it would be better to have all the heads of the departments of Shahroud—the least of whose guilt is that they were the observers of this bloody riot—be replaced. Of course, this was a very correct opinion, [and it] should be followed so that the government officials do not forget their duties to safeguard the public interest.

Some time has elapsed, and this incident has slowly become an old matter. It is for this reason that it is requested that an emphatic order be issued in this regard. A large number of the inhabitants have complained about the misbehaviour of the Council of Justice Administration of Shahroud. They have particularly complained about the prosecutor general, Mr. Mo‘tamedi. Most of the complainants are from the unbiased and trustworthy inhabitants. [Mr.] Sahba, the head of the Justice Administration of that area, is his [Mr. Mo‘tamedi’s] cousin and the magistrate also comes from the same family. The best decision would be to replace them all, which will have a very good [direct] impression on safeguarding peace and tranquillity.

[Signature: Sadriyyeh]


[Handwritten note 1:] Dr. Fatami, inform the Ministry of the Interior. 29 Shahrivar 1323 [20 September 1944]

[Handwritten note 2:] Mr. Dabiran, inform the Ministries of Justice and the Interior. [Signature], 1 Mehr 1323 [23 September 1944]

[Handwritten note 3:] Number: 1344, Date: 10 Mehr 1323 [2 October 1944]