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Nawnahalan Company - Confiscated

(Affiliated with Bonyad-e-Mostazafan)


In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

No: 2617

Date: 21/03/1360 [11 June 1981]


Enclosure: -------


Deputy Director of the Affairs of Provinces

With reference to the letter from the esteemed head of Bonyad, number [?]/100, dated [?]/03/1360 [(?) June1981], we enclose all the title deeds, deeds of ownership and the plans [buildings] in various cities which were available and registered in the books of the Nawnahalan Company, in accordance with the existing minutes that were delivered to the deputy director of the affairs of provinces, Mr. Kazem [Torabi] and Seyyed Majid Haghgo.


The title deed of Gypsum Mines in the Village of Mesgarabad, which belonged to the company, is also delivered to the head of the mining section, Mr. Hasan Rezaie Motlagh.

Kindly confirm in writing the receipt of the aforementioned properties, in order for them to be registered in the books and reported to the head of Bonyad-e-Mostazafan.


We are grateful in advance for your cooperation in this regard.

Deputy Director of the Nawnahalan Company - Confiscated



[Address provided]