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Ministry of Roads and Transportation

National Railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Number: -----

Date: 13---- [19---]

Enclosure: -----

In the Name of God


1811/H – 5 Tir 1361 [26 June 1982]

The Main Office for Railroad and Buildings

You are hereby informed that all the employees in your unit who belong to the perverse Baha’i sect are dismissed from work from this date until further notice.

Ali-Reza Nouri

Railroad Security Office

[26 June 1982]

Message Recipient:  The Motorized Department

[Illegible]: Ali-Reza Nouri, security of the railroad

Message Recipient: Sedaghat

Time of communication: 13:30 PM

Recipient: Mr. Ghodratollah Onsori, in accordance with this notice you are dismissed from work effective 6 Tir 1361 [27 June 1982].

Sohrab Sedaghat

Head of the Motorized Factories


5 Tir 1361 [26 June 1982]


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3801- 5 Tir 1361