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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Omid-e Iran

[Date:] 7 Khordad 1358 [28 May 1979]

[Issue No.:] 1009


The Governing Islam versus Revolutionary Islam

Editor’s Note

Ali-Reza Nurizadeh…

…This matter continued to the extent that during the Safavid era, what was then known as Islam, and Shi’ism, was in reality a collection of decrees that had been issued to support the tyranny and cruelty of Sheikh Safi’s offspring. Once again, the game of destiny became popular. Any time someone raised his voice against the tyranny, the fingers of the state’s clergy targeted the protestors’ head, and screams of “Islam is lost” by the parliamentarians annoyed the ears.

During the Qajar [dynasty], when the British espionage system first created “The Bab” and then “Baha”, the rulers of the time and the paid clergy found the best weapon, and by accusing any enlightened person of being “Babi” and “Baha’i”, sent him to face the executioner’s blade. The constitutional revolution struggled to change the values and map the splendours of Revolutionary Islam, but soon those like Eyn-ed-Dowleh [a Qajar prince and twice prime minister of Iran] organized sermons, and like devout cats [pretending to be pious] propagated Safavid Islam.

Reza Khan decided, once and for all, to free himself from the presence of Islam, but the residual faith in the hearts of the people prevented him. His son put on the garb of Islam again and by disseminating superstition and propagating adulterated Islam, inaugurated a system like the Islamic Court of the Safavid. During his era, the number of clergy increased and rumours were spread about their invulnerability and the relationship between Aria Mehr [title of the former King of Iran] and His Holiness Abbas here and there…

… Television and radio broadcasting becomes exclusive, and instead of educating and entertaining you, scratches your already damaged nerves every night, or promotes adulation and flattery.

In the first order, there is no defamation; nor is the anti-revolutionary sign glued on anyone’s forehead. But during the second order of one hundred years ago, the enlightened ones [intellectuals] were stamped with the seal of “Babi” or “Baha’i”. Today, they are considered to be anti-revolutionary, members of SAVAK or mercenary...