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National Iranian Oil Products

Refining & Distribution Company

Abadan Oil Products Refining Company (Limited)

Date: 13 Mordad 1386 [4 August 2007]

Number: 11PNA/TA/7544


In the Name of God

Mr. Ali Shoaie, former employee, number [redacted]

Address: Shiraz - [redacted]


With reference to your letter dated 27 Farvardin 1386 [16 April 2007], addressed to the esteemed presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran in connection with instituting your pension, it is hereby conveyed that, in accordance with Paragraph 11 of Article 20 of the Restructuring of Human Resources Act for government ministries and establishments associated with the government, from 01 Aban 1361 [23 October 1982], [and] owing to your membership of the Baha’i sect, you have been permanently removed from your government position and any establishment associated with the government and have been exempted from serving in the company.

In light of the above explanation, any renewal of your pension arrangement is not legally admissible.

Rahmatollah Rahimi


Administrative Supervisor, Abadan Oil Products Refining Company