Ali-Reza Niyakan

Born: 1917, Zonouz, Azerbaijan-e-Sharghi 

Died in prison in Tabriz on 11th November 1984


Ali-Reza Niyakan was born into a Muslim family.  When he was 15 years old his father declared his belief in Baha’u’llah and guided his family to the Baha’i Faith.  They were farmers and Ali-Reza managed the family farms and became very prosperous.  His family members were greatly persecuted for their adherence to the Faith, their farms were sometimes attacked by a mob, their fruit trees cut down and their livestock slaughtered.

On 11 September 1981 Ali-Reza Niyakan’s home was raided by a number of Pasdars and he was arrested.  He was first taken to the Pasdarans Headquarters in Marand and then transferred to Tabriz prison.  He was tortured during his imprisonment.  Then one day he told his fellow prisoners that he could no longer move his right arm, his speech was impaired and he was in considerable pain.  He was taken to the prison hospital twice and passed away there on 11 November 1984.


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