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In the Name of God

Islamic Republic of Iran


Mr. Ali Akbar Niazi

As a result of our investigations, you have been found to be affiliated with the perverse Baha’i sect and in accordance with Order number 7560 dated 1/10/1359 [22 December 1980] of the Ministry of Health, based on sections 14 and 6 of the Employment Act, your employment has been unlawful from its commencement.  Accordingly, your services in this Network are not legally permitted. In the event that you object to the allegation of your affiliation with said sect you may appeal against the verdict after completing the questionnaire.

Dr. Alireza Haghani


Director of the Health Network-Babol County

Copy: For information to the Regional Health Organisation of Mazandaran Province

Personnel Office of the Network to annul the employment appointment noting said Order.

[handwritten note, number and date at the top of the page]

Nurse’s Aid School


30/10/1359 [20 Januray 1981]