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In the Name of God, the Forgiver, the Compassionate


Beloved Friend, Mr. Jalilian, may God protect you,

With greetings for the New Year, I respectfully wish you and your distinguished family a joyous new year, with heath and prosperity. Although the respected head of the judiciary could not convince Kermanshah’s intelligence office to return the items and books belonging to the defenceless Baha’i families, or at least make the heads and commanders of the Ministry of Intelligence aware that the goals of the Baha’i world religion are not political and its teachings are based on the acquisition of spiritual and human virtues, the creation of the unity of humankind, unity between the religions and establishment of the universal peace for human beings, I succeeded in meeting you and a few of the respected judicial advocates and with sincerity and honesty explain some truth about the Baha’i world religion and fulfil my spiritual duty to you and the All-knowing God.

I feel that, at the end of my life, I will not be ashamed in the presence of God and His Prophets in that eternal world if I succeed in removing all the lies, calumnies and accusations that for more than 160 years the enemies of God in this land have ascribed to this religion; have caused persecutions, tortures and killings of thousands of its followers; have caused the destruction and retrograde of our honourable nation; and have prevented millions of people from understanding the truth. 

It is my hope that you and other distinguished people from the judiciary can access the Baha’i writings and literature currently available at the Intelligence Office news headquarters, so you are assured that what I have written is the truth and can testify to the love and affection of this elderly person for you, all the people of Iran and the world―people who come to this world by the Will of God and return to Him by His Will. 

It is hoped that those loved ones, with full courage, bravery and ethical action, will convey the wishes of this powerless one to the esteemed authorities, the heads of the government and ministers, especially the supreme leader, whose goal and intention is the prosperity and progress of the country and the nation, so that, God willing, through Divine Power and His Might, justice and fairness will be established in this country, and with His glory and might the whole world will be illuminated with the light of unity and accord and with His grace and compassion the world will be saved from the darkness of prejudice, tyranny and corruption.

To prove my love for you, I would like to present to you the Writings of the Baha’i Holy Figures regarding Naw-Ruz and the Baha’i Fast, so that you [may] meditate on them and God willing, you will prosper in both worlds and pray for all.

May you be joyous and happy,

Your true friend, Ali Ghiami