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Do not follow (your) low desires, lest you deviate


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Court Order

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Case reference:  1207/86/1T       

Court Order Number: 1351      

Date of issuance:  19 Aban 1386 [10 November 2007]

Administrative Court:  Branch 1 of the Court of Appeal of the Province of Mazandaran

Prosecution Panel:  Messrs. Taghavi and Tabrizi

Appellant: Ali Ahmadi  Qaemshahr  [redacted]

Appellee: The statement

Subject of appeal:  Court Order number 678-14 Mordad 1386 [5 August 2007]

Issued by:  Branch 2- Public Court:  Revolutionary [Court] of Sari


Procedural synopsis:  After receiving the file and assigning to it the above-noted reference number, and upon completion of standard legal procedure, today, 19 Aban 1386 [10 November 2007], Branch 1 of the Court of Appeal in the Province of Mazandaran, presided over by the undersigned, held a special session in which, subsequent to reviewing the documents and evidences pertaining to the case and after consultation, it concluded the proceedings and rendered a decision as noted hereunder.


Court Order


As to the request for appeal submitted by Mr. Ali Ahmadi, son of Yousef-Ali, regarding court order number 678-14 Mordad 1386 [5 August 2007] issued by Branch 2 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Sari concerning his [the appellant’s] sentence to imprisonment and forced residency [may refer to house arrest or confinement to the city in which he is residing] for having engaged in propaganda against the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, this court, having reviewed the contents of the file and related documentation, the submission for appeal and the defence provided therefor, concludes that the case for appeal is not sufficient to affect the original decision and cause it to be revoked.  As for conformity with procedural guidelines and principles and the technicalities of establishing guilt, the issued court order is in line with the rules and does not bear any fundamental errors.  That said, considering that the maximum sentence for the offence in question is 10 months and has not been carried out, imposing a supplementary punishment and forced residency has no merit.  Therefore, in light of Article 250 of the Criminal Procedures Act, the sentence of forced residency is annulled, and, as such, in accordance with Section A of Article 257 of the Criminal Procedures Act, and noting the above amendment, the appeal is dismissed and the original court decision is sustained.  This decision is final.


Presiding Judge – Taghavi                                           

Court Advisor – Tabrizi


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Secretariat of Branch 1 of Court of Appeal in Mazandaran