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The Judiciary of Islamic Republic of Iran

“Do not follow your low desires, lest you deviate” [Quran 4:135]


Branch 10 of the Court of Appeal of Mazandaran Province

Court Order Number: 9209971516301592

File number: 9009981233201069

Branch Archival Reference: 910388

Date of Issuance: 7 Esfand 1392 [26 February 2014]

Enclosure: -----



Case Reference: 9009981233201069

Branch 10 of Mazandaran Court of Appeal Lawsuit

Court Order Number:9209971516301592

Appellee: Qaemshahr Intelligence Office at -----

Appellant: Mr. Ali Ahmadi, represented by Mr. Tavakkol Farajpour Kordasiabi at Qaemshahr, Taleghani Square, at the beginning of Sari Street, Mr. Rouhi Building, 3rd floor

Subject of Appeal: Regarding the Judgment 9109971512600010 – 15 Farvardin 1391 [3 April 2012], Branch 2 of the Revolutionary Court of Sari

Decision of the Court

This is with regard to the appeal of Mr. Ali Ahmadi, represented by Mr. Tavakkol Farajpour Kordasiabi, regarding Judgment Number 9109971512600010, dated 15 Farvardin 1391 [3 April 2012] issued by Branch 2 of the Islamic Republic Revolutionary Court of Sari County, which included his sentence of one year of imprisonment for propaganda against the regime of the Islamic Republic by way of propaganda for the perverse Baha’i sect.

It is not intended to cause the reversal and invalidity of the judgment and to become an object of protest. The aforementioned judgment is free from legal defects in terms of finding guilt and paying attention to the reasons for allegations; investigations carried out; complying with the legal article; and determining the punishment; however, considering that the length of the sentence is inconsistent with the manner and level of activity, the appellant is entitled to a reduction in his punishment.

In implementing addendum 2 of Article 22 of the Law of the Public and Revolutionary Courts Procedures Reform Act with subsequent amendments and Article 30, section 2 of the collection of government revenues, Circular Number 9000/1402/100 dated 18 Farvardin 1389 [18 April 2010], the esteemed head of the Judiciary approves and confirms the conversion of the appellant’s imprisonment into a pecuniary penalty of forty million rials in favour of the government and rejects the appeal, based on paragraph A of Articles 257 and 250 of the Rules of Procedure of Civil and Revolutionary Courts in Criminal Matters. The decision of the Court is final.

President of the Court - Seyyed Mohammad Miri

Court Adviser - Alireza Siahroudi


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Signature of regulator

Address: Sari


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It was conveyed on 16 Farvardin 1393 [5 April 2014].