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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God

Verdict number 35, Dated 27 Azar 1363 [18 December 1984]

Administered by: Primary Division of Employment Arbitration

Allegation: Perverse Baha’i sect


Proceeding synopsis:

Allegations against Mrs. Akhtar, surname: Pakzad, daughter of Asghar, born in [redacted], birth certificate number: [redacted], issued in Zanjan, position: draftsman, length of employment: 14 years, place of Employment:  Surveying Organization, employee number: [redacted], education: diploma


According to the case documents and investigation of the teams X, admission of the accused X, defence of the accused X,  and with reference to other evidence in the file, therefore the accusations are proven X and in accordance with:

1- Following the perverse Baha’i sect, subject of Paragraph----- Section-----

Employment Arbitration Act, the offender is therefore sentenced to termination according to Paragraph…Section of the said Act X.

A- This verdict is final and enforceable in accordance with sections 5 and 13 of the said Act.

B- In the event of appeal within one month of the announcement [illegible] (whether legal or actual) [illegible] the Office [illegible]....otherwise [illegible] it will be enforceable with the order of [illegible] organization.

Recourse to the Court of Administrative Justice or the Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office in case of objection

Primary Arbitrator [illegible]

[Official stamp]




Copy to: Mrs. Akhtar Pakzad

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