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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Publication:] Akhbar-e Amri[1]

[Date:] Tir 1326 [July 1947]

[Issue No.:] 3

[Pages:] 63 - 64


[Announcement of the National Assembly of Iran about the death of Baha’i individuals]

…With utmost regret, this is to bring to your attention the news of the passing of Engineer Abbas Shahidzadeh, son of the honourable martyr Aqa Shaykh Ali-Akbar Quchani, upon them be the Glory of God and His exaltation. He became a member of the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Tehran and was one of the knowledgeable and well-educated Baha’i youth. He finished his studies at the University of [Paris] France and served the beloved nation of Iran for many years. His intelligence, his sagacity, and his overall scientific comprehension in the discipline of mining engineering was highly acclaimed and confirmed by all. A few months ago, the San‘ati Bank of Iran [San‘ati and Ma‘dani Bank of Iran] appointed him as the head of the Textile Factory and Royal Conserving Factory, where he served with utmost honesty and trustworthiness, and where he was well praised by the Central Offices. Unfortunately, from the beginning of his duties, he faced severe opposition and provocations against him. In some of the Capital newspapers there were articles penned by his opponents.

On Friday 12 Tir [1326] [4 July 1947], which coincided with the 15th of Sha‘ban, accompanied by some of the heads of departments, he travelled to Babolsar to swim. After entering the sea, he suddenly disappeared, and after a short while his lifeless body was brought to the shore. Because there were signs of severe blows on the body, he was not buried at the local cemetery; therefore, [his remains were] brought to Tehran for medical investigation, via a secondary road, without entering Shahi, where the offending and insulting mob were always ready to attack. After the autopsy [in Tehran], the physicians acknowledged the signs of severe blows clearly visible on the corpse.  His body was laid to rest, with the presence of a sizeable crowd of Baha’is and non-Baha’is, together with the high-ranking heads and members of the San‘ati Bank of Iran, on the afternoon of Saturday, 13 Tir [1326] [5 July 1947]; with utmost splendour and reverence, he was buried at Golestan-e Javid[2].

Most of the newspapers of the Capital published articles and clearly affirmed that his death was deliberately caused, and the result of a secret plot made by his opponents. The people of Babol, Shahi and Sari, made merry by celebrating his passing after the news of his death was published. In Babol, a flier was sent out which showed the cheerfulness and pleasure of the inhabitants [about his death].

Thank God that this esteemed personage spent his precious life according to the Baha’i principles in the service of humanity, and has achieved the good pleasure of God, following the footsteps of his noble father throughout his life. With humility, we implore His mighty Threshold to immerse his saintly soul in the ocean of His mercy, and enlighten the inner eyes of the ignoble to the greatest Guiding Light. He doeth whatever He willeth.


[1] [This was an official Publication of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran, which was published between 1922 and 1980.]

[2] [Baha’i Cemetery]