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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ajang

[Date:] 26 Tir 1334 [18 July 1955]

[Issue No.:] 12


Those Claiming to Be the Promised Mahdi Since the Beginning of Islam Until Today

. . .

Recently, in the midst of the scarcity of books, an interesting and valuable book entitled " Claimants To Be the Promised Mahdi Since the Beginning of Islam Until Today", has been published. This book was written by Ahmad Soroush, a skilled author, and seems to be very readable and useful in every way.  In this book, in addition to the importance of the issue, complete impartiality appears to have been at the forefront of the author’s attempt to conduct an accurate analysis.

In this book, two aspects are the most interesting―first, a peculiar audacity, and second, interesting writing. Audacity, meaning that in a land of “libel and slander,” which is truly a befitting title for our country, expressing truths and analysing issues with complete impartiality has often created many problems for an author. [He states]:

“All of us people who have been born in this land, before being Shi’a or Sunni, or Christian or Jewish, are all Iranians and children of this land. Each of us is linked to the other like links in a chain, and whether we like it or not, we share in each other’s benefit and harm. If a bomb explodes one day in this country, the pieces of that bomb will not recognize Shi’a, Sunni, Christian, Zoroastrian, Jewish, Sufi, Babi, or Baha’i. Once the bomb explodes, it will kill everyone!

“If, tomorrow, God forbid, cholera or the plague starts to spread, the virus does not recognize insider or outsider, and does not know the true path from the perverse, and it does not spare a particular group in consideration of one thing or another. It fearlessly holds the machete and cuts everyone down and moves forward!

“If, in a highly unlikely scenario, foreign troops [were to] occupy our country (as they did in Shahrivar 1320 [September 1941]), the assailant troops would not recognize Christ or Moses, Shaykh Ahmad Ahsa’i or Sayyed Kazem Rashti, or the low-brow or the high-brow. Alien forces would attack the honour, freedom, reputation, and independence of everyone, and no group or class would remain immune to such assault and attack!

“This being so, let us set religious conflicts aside and participate in building our life, country, and home with sincerity and without spreading Heidari-Nemati[1] feuds, and study the path that has guided the advanced countries on the road of prosperity and salvation, and we also take that path ourselves:…”

(Page 147 in the book)











[1] Different sects of Islam