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[Adapted from website:] Rooz Online

[Date:] 6 Mordad 1389 [28 July 2010]


Hojjatieh [Society] Applied for the Official Permit for Its Activities

[By:] Nazanin Kamdar

The Hojjatieh Society, one of Iran’s extremist religious and political groups, some of whose members claim to be in touch with the Twelfth Imam of the Shiite Muslims, has applied for an official permit for the activities of their extremist, half-underground society.

The Resalat Newspaper—whose chief editor, Morteza Nabavi, had spoken last week about “Ahmadinejad’s efforts to remove the clergy from power”—has uncovered the news of the Hojjatieh Society’s application to obtain an official permit for their open activities. It says, “The current tolerance of the secret service agents and security institutions for the Hojjatieh Society has caused some of the active members of this organization to refer to the legal authorities and seek permission for their activities.

“Although, fortunately, this [statement] has not yet been confirmed, and some of the members of this organization claim that the legal authorities know that their beliefs and their viewpoints are legitimate, they are afraid of issuing the permit because of the frenzy and accusations of the groups causing pressure within the media”! Resalat writes, “Some time back, a few members of this society, by contacting some clergy and the responsible authorities, attempted to take advantage of the current situation to win the support of these influential [people], but they were not successful.”

The Hojjatieh Society has always been criticised by the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  [It is] a society whose main goal is to defend Islam in the face of Bahaism, and trying to “create the right environment for the appearance of the Imam of the Time”.  This organization was established in the year 1332 [1953] by a Shiite clergyman by the name of Shaykh Mahmoud Halabi. Halabi shut down this society in 1362 [1983], after the threat of Rouhollah Khomeini and being accused of treason and betrayal.  The main difference between the Hojjatieh Society’s ideology and the ruling point of view of the Islamic Republic of Iran is that the Hojjatieh is not interested in establishing an Islamic government until the appearance of the Imam of the Time. Ayatollah Khomeini had excommunicated this society.