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Ministry of the Posts, Telegraph and Telephone

Number: 38

Date: 3 Aban 1323 [25 October 1944]

Copy of the telegraphic coded report of Miandoab


The Ministry,

The report dated 24 Mehr 1323 [16 October 1944]: As per information received and sideline investigations, it became apparent that Seyyed Mohammad Vahidi Shabestari, the prayer leader, has recently arrived in Miandoab and has been inciting the Muslims against and threatening the Baha’is, to the extent that there could have been a possible revolt. Third Lieutenant Ashrafizadeh, the head of the Police Headquarters, prudently urged three Baha’is, who had immigrated from Marand many years ago and ever since had been engaged in their religious activities, to leave Miandoab. This prevented a possible revolt. In my opinion, should it be approved, you should prevent him, who has gone to Shabestar for a few days, from returning to Miandoab until the disturbances have subsided. 38.

Hasan Aslani


Copy is identical to original

[Stamp:] Ministry of the Posts, Telegraph and Telephone, Administrative Office]