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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Aftab-e Shargh (Mashhad)

[Date:] 19 Ordibehesht 1334 [10 May 1955]

[Issue No.:] 4633


A Political Sect Called Religion?!

For several days now, Mr. Falsafi, the famous preacher, has been attacking Baha’is during his speeches in the Soltani Mosque, as a result of which the military governorate has occupied the Haziratu’l-Quds, the centre of the Baha’is gatherings.

There is no doubt that this sect is much more dangerous than the Communists in our country and attention to their beliefs well [supports] this point.

The Baha’is are not subject to nationality and are naturally the seeds of corruption against our social contract, and they are far more harmful than the Tudeh Party or any similar organization in corrupting public conduct, misleading the people, and creating divisions and hypocrisy among the Iranian people.

As in the past, they first became the tool of Tsarist Russian politics and then became the instrument of British colonial policy. [It is] a cult that has always been used in the service of politics and has promoted prostitution, atheism and lack of belief in national and ethnic principles, and every year transfers millions of the national wealth of the country abroad. They are harmful to our society, and to the independence of the country and our religion and faith like a deadly cancer.

Many books have been written by knowledgeable men about the beliefs of this sect. Among them are “Kashfol-Hial” [discovering tricks] by the late Ayati; “Sahabtal-Baleghah” [mature communication]; “The speech of Yar-Qoli” and several other books. But the truth is that condemning this sect did not need so much discussion, and even a small multi-page pamphlet called “Spark of Truth”, written by an open-minded woman and published several years ago, is sufficient to disclose the corruption of this sect. However, the disadvantage of our work is that we are always extremists and we never can nor want to think and decide wisely and logically about our social issues. The struggle against the Baha’is, which once took place in our country in a fierce and irrational manner, without any logic, only became a means of advantage for the politicians. It could not effectively eliminate [the Baha’is] nor guide them to the straight path, as we did with the disbanded Tudeh Party in the past, and it came to the point where this party endangered our homeland’s independence.

Thus, provoking the feelings of the people and forgiving the people who adhere to their religious beliefs is never fruitful in the struggle against a political sect called the Baha’is. It should even be said that it has many disadvantages, and most likely, if it is not the will of the politicians, it will become an excuse for the foreign policy.

It seems that the current security and tranquility of the country is bothering us, and we would like to have controversy again and provide a suitable environment for political games; otherwise, what can be achieved by provoking the emotions of the masses and the ignorant and illiterate majority? Those who really want to fight this political sect must choose a wise way and try to tell the truth with strong reasoning and prove the invalidity of a sect that is created by foreign policies.

A series of useful, organized and logical books and publications, without any defect, can enlighten the public opinion, save the misguided and guide those who have been deceived by Baha’i propaganda. Well-known people and those who follow this political sect should be debated and criticized with the help of law enforcement officers, where the facts should be [laid out] in a free and unbiased environment so that they realize their mistakes and do not follow the carnival that goes to hell.

In addition, the government must take independently effective, serious and rational measures in the struggle against the Baha’i, Babi, Azali, and any other poison, that has emerged by politics since the Bab, and prevent their propaganda and activities, cut them off from the outside world and exclude their prominent people from the sensitive jobs, so that the root of corruption is eliminated and there is no longer a group called a religion―a religion that is ridiculous and scandalous and, with political motives, operates in our country and causes convulsions. . . .

The government should note that Baha’is are far more dangerous than Communists in their beliefs. If the factions that undermine our national and ethnic foundations are to be excluded from the nation, there is no reason to consider fighting against the Communists [while ignoring] the activity of the Baha’is.

This is what we have to say, and we hope that this will be taken into account and that they will not allow an environment that foreign policy seeks to create in the name of fighting the Baha’is