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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Shahid Beheshti University


Date: 30 Azar 1395 [20 December 2016]

Number: 210/4555/S

Enclosure: None

In the Name of God

Tehran 1983969411 Evin

Telephone: 29901


Dr. Nourbakhsh

Esteemed Head of Central Council for Student Placement

With greetings and respect,

In response to letter number 4282/DM, dated 17 Azar 1395 [7 December 2016], Miss Afrooz Zabihi, daughter of Bijan, with student number [redacted], student of civil engineering, is being referred to your organization to submit and pursue her request.


With gratitude,

Mahboubeh Arefi

Director of the Student Services



[Official stamp]

Management of Educational Services of Shahid Beheshti University