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Shahid Beheshti University

Date: 28 Azar 1395 [18 December 2016]

Number: D-200-3704

Enclosure: None

Tehran 1983969411

Evin Telephone: 29901


In the Name of God

Honourable Dr. Najafi

Esteemed Educational Vice-president for Academic Affairs of the Abbaspour Campus of Engineering, Shahid Beheshti University

With respect and greetings,

With reference to letter number DM-4282, dated 17 Azar 1395 [7 December 2016], from the head of the Central Council for Student Placement, you are informed that the general competency of Miss Afrooz Zabihi, and the academic expertise of the student in the field of civil engineering, has not been approved. Therefore, please order that she be prevented from continuing her studies. In case of her objection, [she] should refer to the office of the Central Council for Student Placement of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.


With gratitude,

Mahboubeh Arefi


Head of the Educational Services