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[Newspaper:] Aein-e Eslam

[Date:] 30 Mordad 1326 [22 August 1947]

[Issue No.:] 16

[Page:] 11


From Arak

As a result of the complaint of the inhabitants of Arak, Alaei, the manager of the sugar factory of Shazand, and Moavenzadeh, the deputy of the Office of Post and Telegraph (who are both influential propagators of Baha’ism) have been transferred from Arak, but with the assistance of Samandari, the general manager of the factories (the main source of propagation of the superstitious ideology of Baha’ism at the Iranian factories), Alaei has been appointed as general deputy manager of all the factories. So far, he has prevented the transfer of Mavaddat, the chief accountant of the factory, and Chareh-Pour, the office manager, who are both co-workers and co-religionists of Alaei, and they continue teaching their absurd ideology. It is expected that authorities will transfer these two individuals and dismiss Samandari, thus eradicating the problem of discord and enmity in the factories.