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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Adyan News

[Date:] 2 Esfand 1394 [21 February 2016]


Valentine, An Excuse to Promote Public Prostitution in Baha’ism

Baha’ism, on the pretext of some occasions or days that are prevalent in the West and have nothing to do with Islam, in order to attract people and to justify themselves, raises seemingly good and beautiful things to bring many people into the Baha’i quagmire.

According to Adyan News, in a sect that shouts loudly everywhere and speaks of divine religion, freedom, human rights, non-interference in politics, and dozens of other [things], we see, in all cases, that nothing but lies and deceit are being presented. And now they are trying in different ways with their propaganda methods to attract people to their perverse sect.

In this way, by using newsrooms and satellite media, they have made every effort to use the news that they obtain from among the ordinary people through various means, especially their spies, to benefit from the weaknesses or shortcomings of the society in favour of their goals; thus, they take advantage of the misguided and naive people they make the best gains for their perverted current.

It should be noted that these cases alone are not problematic, as is common in Western countries, but in Islamic countries, these cases can cause serious damage to the belief and to the religion of Islam. For example, on a special day in the Gregorian calendar, people give gifts to each other and call it “Friendship Day”. At first glance, it may not raise a problem, but a false sect using this day and advertisements made by their self-selling elements, follows as a goal.

Since there is no true belief in theology and faith in God in the Baha’i sect’s organization, they provoke people’s interest in this field with false propaganda, and those who have gone a little astray in the field of religion are misled with promises like this: that in this group there is a free relationship between girls and boys, or that the uncovering of hijab in this organization is not a problem.

But the interesting thing is that under the pretext of giving a gift on a special day, prostitution and unrestrained behaviour among such people increase so much that in some cases they even create problems for their own families. The Baha’i way is to make friends through good relations with different people, and they use all their efforts to be successful in attracting different people. At the same time, promises are made to these people, in which [case] the person will be trapped instead of fighting with his/her own self. These self-sold spies are making every effort to destroy the dear Islam. They are not just looking for a change in lifestyle, and no matter how much one retreats, they will advance in order to keep the person they want in full control.