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[Adapted from website:] Adyannet

[Date:] 4 Azar 1395 [24 November 2016]


U.S. Support For Baha’ism, Tool to Put Pressure on Iran

Global arrogant powers, especially the United States, have always provided official support to the Baha’i organization in Iran under the guise of defending human rights and freedom of expression and opinion. Between 1361 [1982] and 1373 [1995], in other words, over twelve years, the U.S. delegates passed six resolutions in which they expressed their partiality and support for Baha’ism. According to then-U.S. president Bill Clinton, “The United States is seeking international cooperation to pressure the Islamic Republic of Iran to respect the rights of religious minorities.”

In the following years, the Western countries, with their firm support for Baha’ism in the draft of the UN human rights resolution against Iran, three more times acknowledged the benefits of their spies in the guise of Baha’ism. In a resolution passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in 1375 [1996/1997], it called on the Iranian government to refrain from discriminating against Iranian Baha’is. The letter said, “Iranian Baha’is are an important factor in any future relationship between that country and the United States.”

Bryan Cassidy, a British member of the European Parliament, also criticized the treatment of Baha’is after visiting Iran, and on his return to London called for international support for Baha’i spies in Iran. In addition, Maurice Copithorne, a representative of the Human Rights Commission, during his visit to Iran, claimed that the rights of Baha’is in Iran had been violated.

The United States, in line with its political and military pressures, alongside conditions such as the Middle East peace and the Iranian nuclear issue, has always sought to use the freedom of the Baha’i sect as a religious minority as a weapon against the Islamic regime in Iran. Even since the nuclear deal, the Americans, under false pretences, from time to time have passed restrictive laws against our country, and their only argument is human rights issues (defence of Baha’i mercenaries).

The United States is equipping the Zionists with new weapons and various media and cultural tools to defend the Baha’i sect’s sanctuary and the ideals of the imperialist world. With the development of the Baha’i sect’s political influence in Iran, backed by U.S. financial support, the soft cultural activities to raise doubts about religious beliefs, to develop interventionism and the spread of materialistic culture, to anaesthetize the youth and rid Iran of committed and militant forces, have been their common goals.