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[Adapted from website:] Adyannet

[Date:] 5 Aban 1395 [26 October 2016]


Simin Fahandej’s Criticism of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Adyannet – Baha’is living in the Islamic Republic of Iran expect more support and assistance from the government of Iran, despite their hostile activities against Islam and the government of Iran.

Following the publication of a 122-page report by the Baha’i Community against the Iranian government,¹ a spokeswoman for the Baha’i International Community at the United Nations² claimed in an interview with VOA, “Before coming to power, Mr. Rouhani promised to pay attention to the rights of minorities.”³ She also claimed, “The Baha’i International Community has already written an open letter to Hassan Rouhani asking him to guarantee the freedom and human rights of minorities in Iran and to prevent economic pressure on Baha’is in Iran.”⁴

The Baha’i International Community also claimed, “Despite Hassan Rouhani’s promise to end religious discrimination in the country, (repression of religious minorities) has intensified.”⁵

What Simin Fahandej and the Baha’i Community have claimed is more than a critique of the government of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, it is a wake-up call and a sign of tolerance and perhaps ignoring of some of the original ideals of the Islamic Revolution by some officials.

What is important about these claims is that what has happened is that some of the country’s top officials sometimes⁶ speak and act in such a way that the harbi[1] enemy, meaning the Baha’is, covet them and ask for their support and cooperation. They are even expecting a change in the constitution⁷, although the Baha’i International Community has claimed “More than 20,000 anti-Baha'i articles have been published in the Iranian media since the beginning of Mr. Rouhani’s presidency.”

However, the officials of the country must be watchful and vigilant, prefer the interests of the system over other interests and not behave in such a way as to sharpen the teeth of our harbi enemies to strike at the Islamic system.


¹ This news was published on the VOA news site. Release Date: 4 Aban 1395 [25 October 2016].

² Simin Fahandej is the spokesperson for the Baha’i International Community at the United Nations.

³ Published on the “Voice of America” news site, published on 4 Aban 1395 [25 October 2016].

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⁶ Like election days

⁷ Mashregh News, When Khatami Thinks of a Solution For the Baha’is, news code: 26705, published on 18 Bahman 1389 [7 February 2011], click ...; For further reading, see the article: Government Observance of Baha’i Citizenship Rights



[1] [Non-Muslim who is at war against Muslims]