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[Adapted from website:] Adyannet

[Date:] 2 Dey 1396 [23 December 2017]


Arrest of Yemeni Baha’is is Also Iran’s Fault!?

In one of the anti-Iranian actions of the Baha’i organization, this organization tried to hold the Islamic Republic of Iran responsible for detaining the Baha’is in Yemen. In a similar case, Yemeni authorities have accused some Baha’is detained in Yemen of espionage. All this is while the Baha’is have, on the orders of their leaders, been banned from plotting against governments!

Adyannet – Contrary to the orders of their leaders that they have no right to interfere in the affairs of governments and should not act against the laws of the country or conspire against governments [1], the Baha’is have targeted the Islamic Republic of Iran at the main centre of their propaganda, to the point where the Baha’is can be called one of the mouthpieces of the enemies of Islam and Iran and its propaganda. Therefore, it should be noted that the Baha’i organization, by creating a climate in which to further its ulterior motives against the holy regime of the Islamic Republic, seeks to accuse Iran of human rights violations in the international community and to increase the pressure of the international community against our country.

It is interesting to know that in one of these efforts, Ms. Bani Dugal (representative of the Baha’is in the United Nations), while making completely baseless statements, blames the Iranian government for detaining several Baha’is in Yemen [2] while earlier in the day, Yemeni officials had accused Baha’is detained in the country of spying for the Zionist regime! [3]

But really, what does Iran gain from the arrest of a few Baha’is in a distant country, that the Baha’i organization is trying to blame their arrests on the Islamic Republic? Yes, indeed, the Baha’i organization strives to hold the Islamic Republic of Iran responsible for all the world’s problems, from the suicide of whales in the Bay of Pigs to the arrest of several Baha’is in a foreign country!

Postscript Notes:

[1]. Abdul-Hamid Ishraq Khavari, The Ganjine Hodud Va Ahkam, Amri National Press Institute, 134 Badi, p. 463.

[2]. Reported by the Baha’i News Agency.

[3]. Mashregh News Agency, news headline: What is the Story of the Trial of a Baha’i in Yemen? News code 382004, dated 30 Dey 1393 [20 January 2015].