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[Adapted from website:] Adyannet

[Date:] 25 Aban 1394 [16 November 2015]


Outline of the State and Provincial Resolution for the Employment of Baha’is

Adyananet – One of the most mysterious colonial plans of the cruel regime of the shah, which was carried out with the support of the American conspiracy, was to appoint non-Muslims, especially Baha’is, to sensitive positions in the country without any legal prohibition, so that they could be members of parliament; in provinces and cities they could be governor general, governor or district manager or mayor or a member of the town and village council, or the chairman of the council.

Of course, as we have said, this was done in practice, at the level of ministers and directors general at a high level. But gradually they wanted them to take charge of affairs at other levels, as well. Therefore, the regime passed a Senate resolution on 14 Mehr 1341 [6 October 1962]. This resolution was made during the early days of the premiership of Asadollah Alam. The essence of this ratification was to remove the three conditions that had already existed in the state and provincial associations’ law, these three conditions were:

First: Masculinity of Gender (being a man). Second: Being a Muslim. Third: Instead of swearing by the Holy Quran, at times of accepting high and sensitive government positions, swearing by [other] Holy Books would be accepted.

The great orator, Hojatoleslam Mohammad Taghi Falsafi, writes: “The aim was to legally bring the perverse Baha’i sect to power, and from then on, to gradually begin their formal activity to seize all the political, social, economic and cultural levers, since, according to this resolution, the [Baha’is] were no different from the ‘Iranian Muslims’. Second, the oath on the Quran had become the oath on other divine books, meaning that it would open the way for non-Muslims such as Jews and Christians to swear by their holy scriptures, and for the Baha’is to say that they swear by their holy scriptures (Iqan). [Third] Instead of mentioning the word ‘masculine’ they used the word ‘literate’, which included both men and women, in order to pave the way for women to elect and be elected; at the time, it was clear which women they had in mind.”…

In this way, marja’-i-taqlid [religious jurisprudence authority], with their warnings and protests, did not allow the Baha’is to come to power, and by their uprising, they destroyed the resolution approved by the colonialists in their favour and got rid of this sedition.

The Muslims, especially the honourable people of Iran, must be vigilant and watch over the great Islamic Revolution, lest it be harmed, and the same arrogant Baha’is and mercenaries of the global arrogance once again want to dominate.

Always cherish the memory of Imam Khomeini, who, through his struggle, preserved the dignity of the Muslims and did not allow the zealous Muslims of Iran to be dominated by Baha’is and other mercenaries.