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[Adapted from website:] Adyannet

[Date:] 23 Dey 1396 [13 January 2018]


Bani Dugal: We Welcome the Anti-Iranian Resolution!

A representative of the Baha’i sect, in line with the approval of the 13th anti-Iranian resolution at the United Nations, said, “We welcome this resolution and [the fact] that it strongly condemns Iran’s continuing human rights abuses.” Meanwhile, the Baha’i organization is taking steps to condemn Iran, contrary to the orders of its leaders and its pro-Iran gestures.

Adyannet – In order to spread propaganda and influence public opinion, the Baha’i sect’s organization, by using the power of its supporters, has a strong presence in international organizations and acts as an instrument of arrogance against independent countries such as Iran.

Ms. Bani Dugal (the main representative of the Baha’is in the United Nations) during the ratification of the anti-Iranian resolution of 23 Aban 1396 [14 November 2017], claiming that the Iranian government continues to persecute the Baha’is, said, “We welcome this resolution and [the fact] that it strongly condemns the continuing human rights abuses by Iran” [as reported by the Baha’i sect news organization]. But the passage of this anti-Iranian resolution, with the relentless effort of Baha’ism, draws our attention to two points.