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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Adyannet

[Date:] 9 Esfand 1395 [27 February 2017]


Baha’is’ Violation of Law Even in Prison!

Adyannet – It seems that lawlessness and law-breaking by the Baha’is has become a very bad habit for the members of this sect, so much so that it can be said that Baha’ism is essentially tied and deeply connected to law-breaking. There is no difference in its type and location, whether in Iran or in other parts of the world, whether overt or covert.

Yes, Baha’is who commit lawlessness in various places, and get into trouble because of it, not only do not learn a lesson from their punishment, but also do not end their lawlessness during their punishment. The strangest thing is that the Baha’i sect’s organization not only does not condemn this kind of lawlessness in its followers, but also defends them!

For example, a number of Baha’is imprisoned for violation of the law are denied visits due to breach of the relevant ward laws. Surprisingly, Baha’i networks also defend such lawlessness with their propaganda megaphone, presenting these individuals as victimized.

By order of Baha’i leaders, members of this sect are always required to obey the law. It is interesting to know that the observance of the law in the Baha’i sect is not conditional on anything and has no so-called limits. Baha’i leaders explicitly impose on their followers the need to obey the law and government, even if the rulers of a country are oppressive or its existing laws [are unjust].

But the Baha’is do not obey the laws of Islamic Iran and the Baha’i sect’s organization defends the lawlessness of the Baha’is there. While ignoring the culture that requires citizens to abide the law of the country and their teachings also emphasize obedience to the law, however, these have never been practiced and have remained just slogans

Of course, the unbridled violations of the Baha’is (and the organization’s support for such practices) can be justified by the fact that the followers of this perverse sect basically realize the political (not divine) nature of their beliefs and therefore easily trample upon the self-made teachings of their leaders.