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[Adapted from website:] Adyannet

[Date:] 23 Shahrivar 1396 [14 September 2017]


Arrest of Baha’i Spies - [A] Reason for Repeating the Correspondence of 1387 [2008]

In [1387] 2008, after the arrest of its leaders on espionage charges, the Baha’i leadership sent open letters to the prosecutor’s office. Interestingly, the Baha’i sect organization had also written a letter in [1362] 1983, after the arrest of 22 of its members for spying for Israel. In this letter, the Baha’i sect organization [said that it] considered their “religion” as the reason for the arrest of its leaders!

Adyannet – On 14 Esfand 1387 [4 March 2009], the Baha’i International Community, [on behalf of the] House of Justice, after the reaction of the Islamic Republic authorities to the Baha’is’ activities, sent an open letter addressed to the national Public Prosecutor’s Office. This letter was similar, in many ways, to its letter of 1362 [1983], 25 years [previously], and contains points that show the growth of the impudence and shamelessness of the Baha’i leaders, 30 years after their plundering was cut off from the land of Iran. [Spider webs, pp. 71-72]

Interestingly the Baha’i organization wrote a letter, 25 years previously, after the arrest of 22 members of its organization for spying for Israel, and 25 years later, again for the same reason (i.e., the arrest of its leaders for espionage), published an open letter. [See: Baha’ism in Iran, pp. 307-317] But the common and interesting point of these two letters is [using] the guise of Baha’ism [to claim that the charge of espionage by their leaders in Iran was actually] religious [persecution]! The arrogant U.S. regime, by supporting [this] organization, under the pretext of minority rights and with the aim of putting more pressure on the Islamic Republic, has repeatedly demanded the release of the Baha’i spy leaders in Iran.