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[Adapted from website:] Adyannet

[Date:] 17 Bahman 1396 [6 February 2018]


Baha’i Channels: Do Not Postpone the University Entrance Examination Registration to the Last Days!

Adyannet – With the start of the registration for the national university entrance examination, some Baha’i propaganda news outlets published announcements entitled “Reminders”, urging all Baha’i applicants to apply for the university entrance examination as soon as possible and not to conventionally postpone registration until the final days. But really, what is the purpose of the Baha’i organization in publishing such announcements; in other words, what benefit will the Baha’i organization get from the registration of its followers in the university entrance examination?!

In answer to this question, it can be said that in general, the result of Baha’i participation in the national university entrance examination is either the Baha’i applicants will be admitted to the university or they will be barred from attending the university.

As is clear, “propagating” in Baha’ism is every Baha’i’s duty, and assuming that Baha’is enter and influence universities, they are obliged to observe this organizational principle and to influence Muslim students. Of course, their propaganda activities at the university have a greater effect. If, technically, the Baha’i organization could attract one individual in a university (which is the centre of the country’s elites) and engage that person in organizational activities and opposition to the regime, its effect will be greater than attracting other sections of society.

According to Baha’i sources, Baha’is are barred from higher education in universities by a decree of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, but it seems that the benefit of mere participation in the university entrance exam for the Baha’i organization is no less beneficial than the previous possibility, because Baha’is are obliged to express their beliefs publicly. Therefore, if this stubbornness leads to their expulsion, it is a trump card for the Baha’i organization to propagate itself internationally by being oppressed. On the other hand, as in the past, the fifth pillar of Iran’s enemies in world forums continues to put pressure on the Islamic regime of Iran.

It is now possible to understand what benefit the Baha’i organization gets from the maximum presence of its followers in the national university entrance examination, which thus emphasizes their timely registration.